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Daily Routine

The SmartStart Daily Routine is the most important element of the SmartStart Programme. Have a look at how the individual sections work and how they benefit children by clicking on the language of your choice.


How to make toys from trash

Parent Meetings

It’s important that you build a relationship with parents and conduct regular parent meetings to discuss any progress with the parents. Have a look at how you can conduct these by clicking a language of your choice.

Tracking Child Progress

Children learn and grow at different paces, that’s why it’s important to track the child progress and keep parents informed on how their children are growing. Click on the language of your choice to watch how to Track Child Progress.

Involving Parents

Parents and caregivers are a child’s first teacher. In order to continue the learning process at home, its important that parents are always involved in their children’s learning. Choose the language of your choice and watch how you can involve parents in the learning process.


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